Tylor and Shaina Sly - Testimonials

The reason I would recommend Shaina without a doubt is because she really treats a home seeker as a friend not as prospect to sell something to.

Have you ever had a real estate agents who didn't even ask what you are looking for but instead just showed you a house? Shaina is not one of them. She will give you updated and honest advice about everything you need to know. She wakes up early in other to have time for market research. She's the definition to professionalism!

Maarja Kasevail

My wife and I were looking for a home in the 30A area of Florida a fortunately found Shaina.

She was amazing and made the search very easy. We actually ended up purchasing a home in a neighborhood that was not on our list thanks to her and are so glad we did. I highly recommend Shaina

Ben Foy

I'll put it straight.

....Shaina is the best realtor I have ever met and the most honest, intellectual, and outwardly nicest person anyone could imagine. About 2 years ago, after getting over a significant real estate hardship, my wife and I decided to purchase again. We accidentally ran across Shaina in one of the neighborhoods we were interested in and in which she was working. Shaina was so up front, that she actually told us why the neighborhood she was selling in was not work well for us. She immediately advised us of neighborhoods that she thought we would enjoy and that fit our needs. Working through several challenges, Shaina would not stop once we made a decision on a property to purchase and home to build. Once she saw our passion, it became her own until we closed on our dream home on 30A....Thank you Shaina!! An experience that we will never forget, and we are eternally grateful.

James “Keith” McKenzie

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